India Habitat centre, Zone- 5A, (Core-C) 2nd Floor,

Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003



Quotations are invited for photography, content writing, designing and printing a brochure depicting handlooms, handicrafts, food products etc. produced by below poverty line rural artisans supported by the Ministry of Rural Development under the SGSY Scheme.


The brochure will have the following specifications:-


1.      The cover: 210 gsm imported art card.

2.      Inside pages be on 130 gsm Imported Art paper.

3.      Photographs shall be high resolution and digital format.

4.      The entire brochure will be in four colours.

5.      Brochure should be bound in high quality Wiro.

6.      There will be between 48 to 72 pages. Printing will be on both sides in landscape mode.


7.      The size of brochure will be A4 (8.5”X11”).

8.      Quantity : 1000


Please note the following distinct components of this work:-


               I.      High quality photographs have to be taken during the fourthcoming SARAS exhibition during the IITF 2009 (14th to 27th November, 2009).

             II.      Brief description and significance of the items in the photographs has to be give through an attractive write-up.

            III.      Design and layout of the brochure should be in tune with the overall theme of supporting below poverty line rural artisans by the Ministry of Rural Development. A CD of the photographs (with interesting titles and captions to supplement material and the brochure) has to be prepared as part of brochure.


The Quotation should be in two separate envelops for the technical and financial bid. The technical bid should broadly indicate the core competency of the agency, creative design ideas, work done of similar nature in the past and brief description of the creative theme. The financial bid should contain separate quotation for each for the following items:-


a)     Photography

b)     Printing designing and layout of the brochure with CD.



The technical bid shall be opened first and a committee specially constituted for the purpose of evaluating bids will evaluate each agency on technical parameter. Then each individual will be evaluated on the basis of making out of 100 marks (with 50 marks for technical features and 50 marks for financial bids).


The sealed quotations may be deposited in the Facilitation centre of CAPART, Zone-5A ,2nd floor, India Habitat Centre Lodhi Road, New Delhi-10003, on any working day between 9.00 am to 5.30 pm by 09.11.2009. The technical bids shall be opened on 10.11.2009 at 11.00 am when interesting parties can also give a ten minutes presentation before the Committee. The financial bid will be opened on 10.11.2009 at 3.00 pm when one representative from each of the bidders may be present at 3 P.M.