Council for Advancement of People's Action and Rural Technology (CAPART)

(Under the aegis of Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India)

Core-C, Zone V-A, 2nd Floor, India Habitat Centre,

Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110003


          CAPART Invites sealed quotations from reputed agencies for design, for logistics and for creating exhibits, panels, etc. in the Delhi High Level Conference on Climate Change exhibition at Vigyan Bhawan to be held on    22 - 23 October, 2009.  The exhibition will focus on various schemes of the Ministry of Rural Development (hereafter referred to as MoRD) and of CAPART and for highlighting the activities of partner NGOs concerning climate change and Technology Development.


Information about schemes of MoRD and the initiatives of CAPART will be made available by CAPART to enable preparation of panels, exhibits and models.


          You are requested to submit financial bids as per the following specifications and as per the time specified in this notice.


1.      Working models ( house, pumps, solar dyers, ect.)          :    on lump sum basis.

2.      Graphic models ( House, Pumps, Solar dyers)                 :    as per design on lump sum basis.

3.      Design and facia of the pavilion                                       :    per sq. fit

4.      Photo panels/below ups duly mounted and laminated         :    per

5.      Podium to display models.                                               :    per sq fit.

6.      Size of the built up pavilion                                             :    There will be 3 units of which a single stall is for 3x3 mt.


          You are requested to submit your quotation on hire basis of goods to be supplied. This should include delivery, fitting etc excluding taxes. The quotations may be submitted on 05.10.2009 within 14.30 hours in a sealed envelope indicating the subject on the top of the envelope and placed in the tender box located at Facilitation Centre of CAPART, Zone- 5A( Core-C) 2nd floor, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi-110003.


          Details about MoRD and CAPART may be obtained from and respectively.


Criteria for selection of agency

1.                   A brief description of 3 important jobs done during the latest 3 years with photographs. Please attach separate sheet giving information in the format provided below.


Details of the order/ job



Duration of project







Submission of Bids

          The bidders will have to submit their bids in two sealed envelops as mentioned below 

i.                   First envelope will contain particulars of agency, its work experience and balance sheet for past two years. This envelope must be labeled as “Technical details”

ii.                 Second envelope will contain the financial bid and should be labeled as “Financial Bid”

iii.      Agency will be selected firstly on the basis of technical assessment and thereafter on the basis of the financial bid.


Terms and conditions


1.       Name of the materials and quantity should be specified wherever necessary

2.       The job will be assigned on turnkey basis.

3.                 Conditional offer will not be excepted

4.                 CAPART’s decision will be final and it reserves the right to reject any    or all applications.

5.                 Taxes would be extra as per Govt. norms.

6.                 There is a possibility that minor changes in the design and models might be made and these modifications may be incorporated as and when required.

7.                 Maintenance of the models, etc during the duration of the exhibition

8.                 50% of the sanctioned amount will be released on completion of 50% of the work

9.                 Balance amount  will be released after submission of the final bill




(Sanjay Awasthi)