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Quotations are invited from the Chartered Accountant firms empanelled with CAG for conducting Internal Audit for the financial year 2008-09.  We have 09 Regional Committees, one training centre at CGC, Vaishali and headquarters at New Delhi.  Our budget is Rs.50.00 crores.  The scope of work is as under:-

(a)        Examination of Books of Accounts to ensure completeness, correctness and authenticity of all transactions including detailed checking of Vouchers.

(b)        Verification of Bank Reconciliation and Inter Unit accounts.

(c)        Verification of Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and other financial statements along with annexure.

(d)        Verification of staff loans & advances.

(e)        Verification of capital expenditure, Fixed Assets Registers and related records,

(f)         Verification of investments.

(g)        Comment on internal control system adopted is effective to ensure the prevention and early detection of frauds.

(h)        Suggestion for improvement in   present Internal Control System and procedures.

(i)         Ensure that the accounting and financial management system are reliable and effective and assessing the extent to which they are being followed.

(j)         Comments on compliance of mandatory accounting standards.

(k)        On project payment, the Internal Audit will cover observance of procedural requirements in the matter of releases, status of acknowledgements, Utilization Certificate, audited accounts of closed projects during the period of audit.

(l)         Physical verification of Fixed Assets, Cash in Hand and Stamps in Hand.

(m)       Comments on correct deduction of TDS, timely deposit of TDS in Govt A/c and filling of  TDS Returns.

(n)        The Internal Audit Reports shall bring out all the aspects mentioned above including specific information desired by the Management also.

(o)        The Audit shall be conducted half yearly basis in respect of Regional Centers, CGC, Vaishali  and on quarterly basis in respect of CAPART Hqrs.  The internal audit report should be submitted to CAPART  Hqrs within one month from the completion of respective audit . The 2nd half yearly report of RCs & CGC Vaishali and  4th quarters Report of CAPART  Hqrs  shall be submitted on or before 31st May of next  financial  year.


Last date of submission of the quotations for fees (all inclusive such as out of pocket expenses, stationary etc.) should reach the CAPART Hqrs. by 18.07.2008 in a sealed envelope.



Chief Accounts Officer