No. CAPART/A.R. 2007-08/Pub.

October 08, 2009







All Empanelled Printers of CAPART




CAPART invites sealed limited tenders to print its Annual Report for the year of 2008-09 in English and Hindi version as per the following specifications:




A. Printing



1. No. of copies - 1000 (500 in Hindi & 500 in English)

2. No. of pages - Text 180, Cover 04

3. Size - 8.5" x 11"

4. Colour - 4 + 4

5. Photographs & illustrations - approx. 80 - 90

6. Charts - approx. 15 - 20

7. Paper - Text 130 gsm. Imported Art Paper Matt

Cover Imported Art Card (300 gsm.) Matt

8. Lamination of Cover pages (matt)

9. Perfect Binding


B.      Preparation of Annual Report


i) Including all editorial work like composing, compiling, copywriting, proof reading, editing etc.

ii) Design work (i) cover front and back pages (ii) Text pages and generation of charts and illustrations.

iii) Translation in Hindi/English.


Total Cost A + B = Rs.........................


C. Rates for 4 pages including paper cost etc. Rs....................

(In case if the number of pages increases or decreases)


You are requested to submit total cost for A+B above and also rates for 4 pages excluding taxes. The limited tenders should be submitted on 23.10.2009 by 2:00 p.m. in a sealed envelop and placed in the tender box located at Facilitation Centre of CAPART, Zone-5A (Core-C), 2nd Floor, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi 110 003.



Terms and conditions:


  1. You will have to submit a colour dummy 2-3 times to CAPART before printing to check the setting of photographs, designs etc. and no extra payment will be made for preparing the dummies.


  1. There is a possibility that at every stage minor changes modifications might be made in the document. The printer will incorporate these modifications as and when required and strictly follow the delivery schedule.


  1. You will be required to format the text pages and prepare page layouts with screens in consultation with CAPART. You will have to pay attention to every detail regarding page formatting, page layouts and designing of the documents and is expected to maintain very high quality of work vis-a-vis designing and printing. The final printing will be done only after the page layouts and design have been approved by CAPART.


  1. As this is a prestigious job and has as wide circulation, it is hoped that the printer would be more cautious in producing the Annual Report in the required form as one of the best. CAPART reserves the right to remove the firm from the panel on found that the quality of papers and other specifications are not as per above mentioned specifications.


  1. You will have to submit the soft copy of the Annual Report in PDF format both for English and Hindi.


  1. If the number of pages increases or decreases the payment of extra or less pages will be made accordingly to the rates of 4 pages.


  1. Taxes would be extra as per Govt. norms.



(Dr. Arun Sud)

Director (Publication)