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CAPART invites sealed expression of interest from reputed Agencies experienced in conceptualising, designing, printing of documents etc. with sound financial and technical, creativity and designing capability for giving their offer.


In order to access the suitability of the Agency, an application for empanelment is to be sent alongwith the following documents:




The council has inserted an advertisement for empanelment of high class Agencies (printers and designers) who have sound back–up for excellent designing, scanning, planning, printing etc. of publication of various descriptions and for black & white and multi colour jobs including Technical Brochures, Technical Bulletins, Reports, Posters, Pamphlets, Leaflets, Logos, Newsletter, Calenders, Books, Diaries, Magazines, Visiting Cards, Letter Heads, Bill Books, Banners, Glow Sing, Flex Board, Sun Board, Digital Board etc. on the basis of modern facilities for international standards available capabilities and with track record of applicant organizations.


The council intends to make a panel of Agencies for getting designing and printing jobs. The panel would be valid for a period of two years.


Council reserves right to (i) accept or reject the request of any agency for empanelment and (ii) assign any job to any agency in the panel or otherwise without assigning any reason (s).


The council reserves the right to keep or remove any agency on the panel approved for designing and printing jobs etc.


The Agency should have full fledged unit of their own for usual design, preparation of art work, translation in English, Hindi and other regional languages etc., proof reading, designing, composing & printing etc.



The case of the organizations with any dispute with CAPART will not be entertained until settlement of the dispute.


The agency will be responsible for collecting the manuscript and other materials free of charge, preparation of designs, printing, proofreading, typesetting, editing, spiral binding, perfect binding, etc. as per directions of the council.


It will be the responsibility of the agency to return all materials concerned like manuscript, art work, photographs, negatives & positives, floppies, CDs/DVDs etc. after completion of the job failing which the costs of the items will be recovered from the firm.


The empanelled agency should have adequate arrangements for packing and dispatching the documents, if so required, for which charges would be reimbursable. The postal/packing charges of courier service/postal department charges will be admissible as per actual rates.


The detailed terms & conditions for empanelment and execution of designing & printing jobs of the Council are given in Appendix - 'A' (enclosed). Interested agencies may apply for empanelment in CAPART for undertaking designing and printing jobs in the Performa given at Appendix - 'B'.


The empanelment documents duly filled in all respects in sealed envelop should be placed in the tender box located at Facilitation Centre of CAPART, Zone-5A (Core-C), 2nd Floor, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003 latest by 10 June,2009 by 3:00 p.m. on any working day. The council remains closed on Saturdays and Sundays.



 Appendix - A


General Terms and Conditions applicable

to the Agencies on being selected for

printing and designing jobs


1.     Proof of single job execution of a minimum of Rs.10 lakhs for printing & designing work during the last two years should be attached by the agency.


2.   The work of the Council is time bound and the agency which is assigned the job would be required to complete the job within the time-frame set by the Council failing which the agency will be liable to pay penalty as decided by Director General of the Council. The agency would keep the Council informed about the status of the assigned job at every stage.


3.    On completion of the job, the agency would be required to send pre-receipted bills in triplicate (all originals) along with (i) delivery vouchers for the supply made (ii) manuscripts, photographs, graphs, negatives & positives, floppy, CDs/DVDs and other materials given by the Council, and (iii) samples of the job executed.


4.     In the event of detection of any error or defect made by the agency at any time after the delivery of the copies ordered, the agency shall be bound, if called upon to do so to rectify such error or defect at its cost to the satisfaction of and within time fixed by CAPART. In the event of the delivery of any defective work which, owing to urgency or for any other reasons cannot be wholly rejected, the Director General, CAPART shall have the power to deduct from any payment due to the agency or security deposit amount, such sum as he may deem expedient not exceeding 10% of the value of the particular portion or portions adjudged to be defective.


5.     A schedule for the work and for the delivery of printed copies will be drawn by the Council and will be intimated to the agency while placing the order for the job. The agency should accept the job only if it is in a position to complete the job according to the schedule. If the agency is unable to adhere to the schedule, for reasons not attributable to the CAPART, the DG shall have the power to cancel the order and withdraw the printed (and folded) sheets, forms, etc. the original art works, paste ups, photographs, manuscripts etc. of the job and shall have the power to assign the job to another printer & designer for completing the remaining part of the job at the cost of the agency to which the job was originally assigned. The agency shall extend all facilities to the DG, CAPART or his authorized representative for withdrawing the printed and unprinted material.


6.     Notice of the printing job would also be sent to the empanelled agency by fax/mail/e-mail/voice telephone/by-hand etc.


7.     For some printing & designing jobs, for which technical specifications or CRC is ready, only price quotation will be asked. In other cases, the agencies will be required to submit both layout/cover design/sample of photo/artwork as well as the price quotation.


8.     Director General, CAPART shall have the right to delete any agency from the panel during the currency of the period of the panel, without assigning any reasons thereof.


9.    The agency applying for empanelment should furnish all the particulars related to its status and functioning as per Appendix-B.


10.The agencies applying for empanelment will be required to state Service Tax No., validity of registration with appropriate authority, Sales Tax No., PAN No. etc.


11.  The date of declaration of qualified/empanelled agencies will be at the discretion of DG, CAPART.


12. The agency should not the placed in defaulter category by any Govt. Department.





Appendix - B


Particulars to be furnished by the Agencies applying for Empanelment in CAPART for Printing & Designing Work



(Turn over for last three financial years: Minimum Rs.20 lakhs)


Technical Details


1.       Name & Postal address of Agency:



Telephones Nos.:


Fax Nos.

Mobile Nos:


2.       Nature of Agency



a)                 Name & address of Partners of

Directors or Owner





3.                 If Registered, Regn. No.:

          Validity of registration with appropriate authority:.......................

4.                 Sales Tax Regn. No.:

5.                 Service Tax No.:

6.                 PAN No.:

7.                 Description of in-house facilities of the agency:


a) Personnel                    b) Equipment


---------------------                       -----------------------

---------------------                       -----------------------

---------------------                       -----------------------



8.                 Minimum machinery required (Give details)


i)         Computers

ii)        Processing equipments - Scanner/Image set-up

iii)       Plate making

iv)      Offset Machine - Four colours

v)       Cutting & binding



Financial Details


9.       Details of number of Publications designed/

          Printed alongwith the turnover for the last

three financial years (indicate year-wise)


10.     Details of minimum Rs.10 lakhs for

single job execution from any Govt. Dept. or PSUs

during the last two financial years (indicate year-wise)



11.     Copy of Income & expenditure Account for the last 3 years:


12.     List of clients - work done in respect of

GOI/State Govt. Dept./PSUs belonging to

Central and State Govt. bodies with telephone No.:



13.          Good track records with the three clients :

(Name, Address & Tele. No.)


14.     Has your organisation been placed in defaulter category by any  

         Govt. Department? If not, please submit a self attested certificate to this




15.   Sample of work done to show creativity and designing capability












Signature of the Proprietor/Authorized Signatory


Rubber Seal indicating complete address




Place :


Date :