Council for Advancement of People's Action & Rural Technology (CAPART)

(Under the aegis of Ministry of Rural Development)

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Sealed quotations are invited for engagement of taxi operators on Contract basis for a period of one year. 


The Council for Advancement of People's Action and Rural Technology (CAPART) proposes to engage taxi operators for providing taxi services for a period of one year on contract basis. Bids are called from the interested parties for this purpose. 


If you are interested to participate in the selection process, you may like to collect bid from alongwith terms and conditions from Administration Division of the Council in person or your may download the same from our website for quoting your rates. Escalation clause, if any, can be negotiated by the successful bidder. The successful bidder will have to show for inspection the vehicles, which are proposed to be run for the Council. 


The last date for submission of duly completed bid papers is 15th December, 2009 by 13.00 hrs. The proposals are to be sent to the undersigned by speed/registered post at the above address in a sealed cover mentioning thereon "Quotation for Taxi Service" or it may be inserted in the Tender Box installed in R&I Section for above address. the quotations will be opened on the same day i.e. 15 December, 2009 by 15.00 hrs. 








1.                  Name of the Agency




2.         a)         Address & Phone No.



b)                  Contact address and phone

number after office hours



3)                  Fax number(S)



4)                  Total number of vehicles



5)         Name of offices where services are provided by your agency



6)                  Other documents:


Copy of Registration Certificate etc.







Terms and Conditions



1.                  The contract shall be valid for one year from date of issue.  The bidders may quote daily rate for both prevalent rental standard patterns i.e. 80 Kms in 10 hours, 100 Kms. in 10 hours and 40/50 Kms in 4/5 hours.  The meter reading for payment will be start and end from the place where the taxi has been asked to report for duty and returned from duty respectively.  Usually the services of the vehicle would be required on Monday to Friday, but it may be required on all the seven days in a week and on national holidays.


2.                  The bidders may quote for every kilometer and every hour over and above the stipulated limit of 80 Kms & 10 hours and 100 Kms & 10 hours for which the taxi may be retained.  Excess hours will be calculated for every 1/2 hour retained and less than 1/2 hour will be ignored.  They may also furnish monthly quotation of supply of taxies.  The vender can also provide car on monthly basis giving rates for 2500 Km per month on a 10 hourly basis per day.


3.                  The taxi hired shall be for exclusive use of the Council for the period of the contract.  The taxi shall be properly cleaned and washed daily before reporting for duty.  It should be in good running condition that is not older than two years from date of manufacture.  In case the Council is not satisfied with the functioning of the taxi, the bidder shall provide an alternate taxi immediately, failing which the Council will be at liberty to hire taxi from the market.  In that event any excess amount paid shall be deducted from the monthly bill of the taxi used.


4.                  The bidder shall provide, for each taxi hired, an exclusive and dedicated driver.  The bidder shall certify about the character and skills of the driver.  The Council will be free to conduct police verification of the driver.  The driver should have an appropriate valid commercial license as per provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, with an unblemished record of accident free driving in the past five years.  The driver shall always be in a uniform and should be well mannered.  The driver should have a mobile phone at all times while driving for the Council.  The bidder shall provide an alternate driver at twenty-four hours notice, in case the services of the driver are not found to be satisfactory.


5.                  In the event of a breakdown of the vehicle during any journey, the staff/officer of the Council shall be at liberty to hire a taxi to reach the place of meeting or destination.  The excess amount spent shall be debited from the monthly bill.  The bidder/owner may provide an alternative taxi/car for the completing the journey, if required.


6.                  The bidder shall provide indemnity to the Council against any liability criminal/civil arising on account of the taxi hired by the Council.


7.                  The cost of fuel and maintenance of car, mobile phone charges and salary of the driver will be borne by the bidder.


8.                  While submitting the bids, the bidders  may provide references of a Government/semi Government/autonomous organization to which they have supplied such services earlier along with copies of recommendatory letter given by those offices.


9.                  The Council is not specifying the fuel of the car as it is left to the bidder.  In case the vehicle has switched on to CNG, it should have proper authorization from the competent authorities.  The Council shall be guided by the cost effectiveness and quality of services rendered in past for which references with regard to the satisfactory provision of services to Govt./semi-Government/autonomous organizations has been sought.


10.              The bidders shall abide by these terms and conditions.   Agreement containing the above may be drawn to remove any doubts in this regard.


11.              The Council will, after deducting service tax, surcharges or any contingency charges pay the bill including parking charges for utilization of the vehicle in fifteen days of submission of the bill to the Council.


12.              The Council reserves the right to change any condition listed above to suit its convenience.


13.              The contract can be terminated by giving written notice of one calendar month at any time during the term of the present contract by either party.  The Council, however, reserves the right to terminate the contract without any notice on any acts committed against the interest of the Council.


14.              In the event of dispute, the Director General of the Council or his nominee shall be the sole arbitrator.  All disputes arising shall be resolved before the competent court having jurisdiction/area where the Council is located.


15.              No dispute can be raised about the subjective satisfaction of the Council about the services of driver or the car.





I/We have read the above terms and conditions carefully, understood them thoroughly and agree to abide by them.




Place: New Delhi          .                                  Signature(s) of the proprietor/Partners

                                                                        or  authorized signatory (with firm/

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              company seal)

                                                              List of vehicles








Wagon R




Tata Indigo/Innova


Swift Dzire        


Ford I kon



Rate for 2500 Kms. per month for 300 Hrs.









Rates per additional hour beyond 10 hours.









Rates per additional Kilometer beyond 2500 kms.             









Rates for 50 kms. for 5  working hors. per day









Rates for 100 kms. for 10 working hrs. per day