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Rural Technology Division

The thrust of Rural Technology is to promote innovative rural technologies in the village especially catering to disadvantaged sections of the society. CAPART supports projects under the Advancement of Rural Technologies (ARTS) scheme, Such technologies are catering to disadvantaged as are newly designed and lab tested to be viable, but are neither being promoted /funded by any other agency.

Rural women carry a double burden, working and outside the home. Recognizing this situation, and the role of technology in creating time and space for women's empowerment and participation in development, the Rural Technology Division has a special focus on technologies for women. This division coordinates a network of 23 Technology Resource Centres to promote and build capacities for technology transfer in the voluntary sector. A newsletter, the TRC Bulletin, shares information on new technologies and path breaking innovations.

Guidelines for:

        Scouting/ Documentation/Validation/Patenting of Innovations for Rural Development

For copies of the TRC Bulletin, contact : Tel.: 011-26524324, Fax: 011-26862716. Apart from support to voluntary agencies, this division also supports individual innovators in developing, adapting and commercializing appropriate technologies.

List of Technologies :

  • Fire Proof Thatch
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Fluride removal Hand pump
  • NADEP Composting Technology
  • Coconut Leaf Thatch Roofing
  • TARA Handloom
  • Random Rubble Blocks
  • Guna Tile Roofing
  • Ferro cement Roofing
  • Earth Receptivity Meter
  • Geodesic Dome
  • Hydram
  • Single Phase Welding Transformer
  • Gasification
  • Water Mills
  • Lantana Utilization