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X Session of 14th Lok Sabha 2007 

Date of Fulfillment: 16/06/2008

Ministry of Rural Development, Department of Rural Development

Lok Sabha unstarred Question No. 511 dated 02.03.2007 by Shri Harikewal Prasad, M.P. regarding ‘Irregularities by CAPART aided agencies’  

Asking for:

(a) the number of projects sanctioned by the CAPART in the tribal and rural areas since its inception, State-wise and location-wise;

(b) the details of amount sanctioned and disbursed to each of the agencies by CAPART during said period;

(c) whether any irregularity by these agencies have come to the notice of the Government; and

(d) if so, the details thereof and the action taken against each such agency?

Promise Made

(a) to (d) The information being collected and will be laid on the Table of the House

How fulfilled

(a) CAPART sanctioned 24760 projects in the Tribal and Rural areas since its inception till 28th Feb., 2007. State-wise and District-wise details may be seen at Annexure-I.

(b) The The details of the amount sanctioned and disbursed to each of the agencies during the said period may be seen at Annexure-II.

(c) & (d) Yes, Sir. Out of these agencies assisted during the said period, 511 agencies/NGOs have been placed under the blacklist category due to irregularities committed by them. Out of 511 blacklisted Agencies/NGOs, 10 cases of them had been referred to CBI for investigation and the FIRs against 101 NGOs have been lodged in the respective Police Stations.

Reason for delay

The information was voluminous and huge compilation of data was involved. 

Download Hindi Font to view the Annexure-I and Annexure-II in Hindi

Annexure - I

List 1

List 2

List 3

List 4

List 5

List 6

List 7

List 8

List 9

List 10

List 11

List 12

List 13

List 14

List 15

List 16

List 17

List 18

List 19

List 20

List 21

List 22

List of States