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Monitoring & Evaluation Division

Monitoring and Evaluation Division is one of the support divisions of CAPART.This division is headed by Incharge MED, Shri P. N. Srinivasan, Director, who is further assisted by a core group comprising of R.O, YPs, P.A. and a LDC.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Division as the very name suggests takes up the major responsibility of ensuring that the projects sanctioned and funded by CAPART are properly monitored and evaluated, and for this purpose it is primarily engaged in the empanelment of Facilitator cum Evaluator's (FCEs) of CAPART. At present 519 FCEs are empanelled with CAPART.

The Monitoring & Evaluation Division is also involved in the blacklisting of fraudulent Voluntary Organizations as also in the follow up action for the recovery of funds in regards to such blacklisted Voluntary Organizations.

It also undertakes Comprehensive Evaluations of blacklisted Voluntary Organizations as and when needed. The number of Voluntary Organizations blacklisted by CAPART at present stands at 293. Besides this the division is also responsible for processing of complaints against Voluntary Organizations received from different sources.

It also deals with Voluntary Organizations placed under Defaulter(s) and doubtful category. The Defaulter is a category under which a Voluntary Organisation is placed if it has been blacklisted by some other agency of which CAPART has been eventually informed. In such cases no more funds are further released to such Voluntary Organizations. Doubtful is yet another category wherein such Voluntary Organizations, against whom complaints are received and are under process of examination are placed.

The Monitoring & Evaluation Division in an overall way is also responsible for coordination with all Project Divisions of CAPART.