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Disaster Management Cell

EARTHQUAKE hit Uttaranchal was visited by CAPART officials for closely gauging the situation's intensity.PROJECTS to build shelters for people were undertaken with immediacy. 22 permanent and 215 temporary shelters were built with an assistance of Rs. 1.4 crores.Further various voluntary organizations have been involved in the rehabilitation work.

An effort to cushion the effect of Orrisa cyclone was undertaken by the ORRISA DISASTER MITIGATION MISSION at CAPART.Medicines, food, cattle feed, veterinary care was provided by a Rs 20 Lac assistance to CAPART's regional centre in Bhubneshwar.Immediate shelter relief through polythene sheets was extended to people.Rs. 37.5 Las were spent for the purpose.Long term rehabilitation programmes on:

  • Land development
  • Afforestation
  • Housing

have been initiated to cushion the aftermath. Most importantly, DISASTER PREPAREDNESS to lessen the intensity of disasters is being looked into by developing serious strategies.Lastly, rehabilitation work has been done involving many for better implementation AND to mobilize large scale help. CAPART worked in tandem with the state government and the VOs like ACTION AID, OXFAM & through a large network of 40 nodal points.A striking measure has been undertaken by CAPART to fight drought, a common place malady. A special drought proofing scheme has taken shape to enable VO's to submit proposals specifically addressing drought.Assistance of approx. 4 crores to 37 VO's has helped in creating employment opportunities and assests to decimate distress migration.

Contribution as Facilitator under Natural Calamities

  • Housing for earthquake victims in Latur(November 1994).
  • Community shelters for earthquake victims in Uttarakhand(March 1999)
  • One of the first agencies involved in relief work in wake of Super Cyclone in Orrisa(October 1999).
  • Rehabilitation work in earthquake affected areas in Gujrat(January 2001).
  • Active intervention in drought affected areas Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujrat.