Work Allocation among CAPART's HoDs&deployment of staff

uploaded on :  15 Jul, 2013


Delegation of powers to HoD(AED)...

uploaded on :  12 Jul, 2013


Notification to constitute Executive Committee (EC) - (in Hindi)

Notification to constitute General Body (GB) - (in Hindi)

Notification to constitute Finance and Appointment Committee (F&A) - (in Hindi)

uploaded on :  31 Aug, 2012


Notification (FNo-12-5/2010-AED)of Grievance Redressal Committee to consider the representation of VOs....

uploaded on :  10 May, 2012


Circular No.1-6/2012-AED-(09-05-12) - After re-structuring of CAPART fresh proposals can be considered....

uploaded on :  10 May, 2012


Office Order to form a helpdesk to accept applications for grievance rederssal

uploaded on :  27 Apr, 2012


Office order to nominate Liaison Officer for SCs/STs/OBCs

uploaded on :  27 Feb, 2012


Office order on Decision on employees willing to proceed on deputation

uploaded on :  15 Feb, 2012


Notification regarding the last date of receiving representations for consideration of the Grievance Redressal committee would be 14-10-2011

uploaded on :  Sep 12, 2011


Circular No. 2/2011 - Documentation of several events like Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, GSMs etc.

uploaded on :  Feb 10, 2011


Notification to constitute a Core Group to finalise the process of SEVOTTAM implementation in CAPART.

uploaded on :  Feb 2, 2011


Circular No. 03/2011 - Release of backlog grant-in-aid for the ongoing projects by NGOs.

uploaded on :  May 30, 2011


Notice with list of AGENDAs for the meeting of EC of CAPART to be held on 20-01-12

uploaded on :  03 Jan, 2012


Notice with list of AGENDAs for the meeting of GB of CAPART to be held on 20-01-12

uploaded on :  03 Jan, 2012


Meetings of CAPART EC/GB which are to be held on 28-12-2011, have been postponed.

uploaded on :  Dec 22, 2011


Notice with list of AGENDAs for the meeting of EC of CAPART to be held on 28-12-11

uploaded on :  Dec 16, 2011


Notice with list of AGENDAs for the meeting of GB of CAPART to be held on 28-12-11

uploaded on :  Dec 16, 2011


Partial modification in work distribution (office order no.2-36/91-Admn dated 05-08-10) among DDGs

uploaded on :  Sep 22, 2011


Notification to constitute an Empowered Committee  on CAPART Fellowship Programme for Third Sector Research

uploaded on :  June 21, 2011


Notification : Empowered committee on third sector research.

circular date : 20-06-2011


Circular No. 1/2011 - Prompt action on communications received from MPs

uploaded on :  Jan 31, 2011


Procedure for funding restrictions and Blacklisting.

Uploaded on : Jan 21, 2011


Notification to constitute a Transparency Committee to oversee the compliance of obligations under RTI act.

Uploaded on : Jan 20, 2011


Notification to constitute a Standing Audit Committee for performing various financial audit-related oversight functions within CAPART.

Uploaded on : Jan 19, 2011


Circular regarding instructions to issue any order of FUNDING RESTRICTION

Uploaded on : Nov 26, 2010


Encourage and Promote voluntary action in 115 identified districts - partial modification in cir-no.9/2010.

Uploaded on : Nov 18, 2010


Office order regarding maintenance of DAK Register and safe custody of FILES

Uploaded on : Oct 21, 2010


Circular regarding New Guidelines for Gram Shree Melas

Uploaded on : Oct 12, 2010


Circular regarding work assigned to DDGs/CVO

Uploaded on : Aug 10, 2010


First Appellate Authority under the Right to Information Act,2005 

Uploaded on : July 21, 2010


Circular regarding monitoring assignments assigned to Institutional Monitors (IMs). 

Uploaded on : July 19, 2010


Circular regarding authorization to relax/waive off the provision of bank guarantee.

Uploaded on : June 22, 2010


Documentation/Validation, Patenting/Piloting and Up-scaling of rural technologies and innovations.

Uploaded on : May 25, 2010


Notification-Professional Agency to prepare report on 'State of the Organization and Road Map for Future, for CAPART'

Uploaded on : May 25, 2010


Circular regarding encouraging and promote voluntary action in the 115 identified districts.

Uploaded on : May 21, 2010


Circular regarding system of disposal of VIP references in future.

Uploaded on : June 07, 2010


Notification regarding constitution of Grievance Redressal Committee to consider the representations of VOs whose projects have been recommended by the ITC.

Uploaded on : June 11, 2010


Circular regarding constituting of committee to consider revision of remuneration paid to institutional monitors.

Uploaded on : June 07, 2010


Circular regarding recommendations made by the Internal Technical Committee (ITC) - I.

Uploaded on : June 07, 2010


Circular regarding recommendations made by the Internal Technical Committee (ITC) - II.

Uploaded on : June 07, 2010


Circular No. 7/2010 - NSC under special circumstances extends the project duration reg.

circular Date : Apr 15, 2010


Circular no. 23/2010 - Release of Funds to the NGOs through NEFT (electronic transfer)

circular date : 08-04-2010


Circular regarding decision taken by Executive Committee of CAPART in its 51st meeting  

Uploaded on : February 15, 2010


Circular regarding closing the scheme of construction of Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting using Ferro Cement Technology  

Uploaded on : December 31, 2009


Circular regarding work distribution among the Deputy Director Generals and the Chief Vigilance Officer 

Uploaded on : December 30, 2009


Circular - Closure of Nodal NGO Scheme

Uploaded on : December 03, 2009


Notification - Sub-Groups of Executive Committee Members for a New CAPART

Uploaded on : September 11, 2009


Circular regarding online submission of Proposals where NGOs can register themselves online 

Uploaded on : September 07, 2009


Circular regarding delegation of powers 

Uploaded on : August 07, 2009


Invitation for submitting Expression of Interest (EoI) for Impact Assessment of Nirmal Gram Abhiyan (NGA) & Grameen Vikas Andolan(GVA)

Uploaded on : September 30, 2009


Circular regarding chairing the meeting of the Regional Committees

Uploaded on : June 16, 2009


Circular regarding work distribution among Deputy Director Generals and Chief Vigilance Officer

Uploaded on : June 15, 2009


Circular regarding Guidelines (No. 6-2009)

Uploaded on : March 31, 2009


Circular regarding scheme of GSMs (No. 2-2009)

Uploaded on : February 16, 2009


Circular regarding Guidelines of GSMs (No. 1-2009)

Uploaded on : February 16, 2009


Circular regarding Schemes (No. 4-2009) 

Uploaded on : February 12, 2009


Office Memorandum regarding indicative cost for Skill Development Programmes through SHGs (No. 100-3(66)2008-CD)

Uploaded on : February 06, 2009


Circular regarding NREGA (No. 3-2009)

Uploaded on : January 14, 2009


Circulars regarding Young Professional (YP) Scheme...

 Uploaded on : September 19, 2008


Circular to guide the RR & MCs in launching NREGA (No. 13-2008)

Uploaded on : September 03, 2008                  


Office Order No. 2-36/91-Admn. 

Uploaded on : August 18, 2008


Circular regarding financial powers delegated to RR & MCs vide order No. 100-3(21)/2005 (NO. 12-2008)

Uploaded on : July 21, 2008


Circular regarding Disability Scheme (No. 11-2008)

Uploaded on : July 15, 2008


Circular regarding Nodal NGO Scheme (No. 10-2008)

Uploaded on : June 17, 2008


Circular regarding Grameen Vikas Andolan (GVA) Scheme (No. 9-2008)

Uploaded on : June 02, 2008


Circular regarding expenditure position (No. 8-2008)

Uploaded on : May 09, 2008


Circular regarding stoppage of projects under sanitation activity (No. 6-2008)

Uploaded on : April 25, 2008


Circular regarding fresh proposals (No. 7-2008)

Uploaded on : April 17, 2008


Circular regarding stoppage of projects under sanitation activity (No. 5-2008)

Uploaded on : April 09, 2008


Circular regarding Opening of Bank account by the VOs (No. 1-2008)

Uploaded on : March 25, 2008


Circular regarding closure of old project files (No. 3-2008)

Uploaded on : January 29, 2008


Circular regarding return of incomplete proposals to VOs (No. 2-2008)

Uploaded on : January 24, 2008


Circular regarding eligibility criteria for receiving CAPART assistance (No. 1-2008)

Uploaded on : January 02, 2008


Circular regarding Rural Sanitation Programme (No. Rural Sanitation/2007-08)

Uploaded on : September 07, 2007

CAPART YP Posting for 2007-2009

The Disability Scheme presently being dealt at the headquarters is decentralized with immediate effect...

Creation of one post of Director (Finance) in the pay scale of Rs. 14300-400-18300/- in CAPART

Uploaded on : November 01, 2006


The financial powers, delegated to Director General, CAPART vide Circular No. 8/2004...

Uploaded on : June 02, 2006


In exercise of the powers conferred on Director General, CAPART by Rule 40(c) of the Memorandum of Association...

Uploaded on : January 24, 2006


Custodian of Documents Not Received (DNR) files

circular date : 22-dec-2003

Delegation of Administrative and Financial Powers approved by the Executive Committee... 

Uploaded on : September 15, 2000


CAPART (ITC) Internal Technical Committee Gist, Liable to be Continued LTC Cases , 10% reimbursement) and Liable to be Terminated(LTT)

CIPART will act as a Resource centre for NGOs and Researchers for conducting need based studeis...

List of YPs placed under CAPART RC(EZ), Bhubneswar (As on 30.09,2007)

List of 37 YPs who have undergone Orientation Programme at KIIT, Bhubneswar 

Circular regarding proposals for rehabilitation of the disabled persons was discussed in the meeting of NSC

September 10th 25th, 2007 Recruitment and Orientation training programme organized by CAPART

Expression Of Interest from NGOs for taking up new programs in 2007-2008

Expression of Interest Invited from Government Ministries/Departments, NGOs & Educational Institutes to indicate the areas of Interests for conducting Training Programmes/Research/ Workshops

Expression of Interest Invited for Formulation of Marketing Strategy for Introduction of Energy Foods in Rural Markets

Applications are invited from NGOs for Library Membership at CPART

Circular regarding receipt of new project proposals in CAPART

Notice for online submission of project new project proposals in CAPART

Recommendation made by the Vinay Shankar Committee set up to look into the issues raised by Shri Anna Hazare